Monitored Premises Definition

A Monitored Premises objectively demonstrates that it is not an Infected Premises, Contact Premises, or Suspect Premises. Only At-Risk Premises are eligible to become Monitored Premises. Monitored Premises meet a set of defined criteria in seeking to move susceptible animals or products out of the Control Area by permit. For the Secure Poultry Supply Plans, the following criteria must be met:

  • Pre-movement RRT-PCR testing is negative,
  • Epidemiological questionnaire is completed,
  • No unexplained mortality, no unexplained clinical signs, and no unexplained changes in production parameters, and
  • Biosecurity measures are acceptable to state and federal authorities.

Pre-movement Isolation Period

To move birds during an HPAI outbreak following the Secure Poultry Supply Plan, producers need to have a Pre-Movement Isolation Period (PMIP) prior to movement.

  1. Activities that create exposure risks are prohibited
  2. Only critical operational visits to the premises may continue
  3. Enhanced biosecurity for people and vehicles is in place with no off-site equipment pre-staging

The goal of the PMIP is to reduce the risk of HPAI transmission to the farm prior to movement using enhanced biosecurity procedures.

Testing Requirements

  1. RRT-PCR tests on two 11-bird pools of swabs from dead/sick birds are negative
  2. Either 2 PCRs collected on 1 day within 24 hours of move; or 1 PCR collected on 2 consecutive days prior to move where at least 1 PCR taken within 24 hours of move or the start of load out.
  3. If fewer than target number of sick or dead birds are present on a day, the swabs from available sick or dead birds should be equally divided into two pooled samples.

In addition to these harmonized elements, a permit guidance may include additional specific steps that need to be taken.  The complete list of elements required for the movement of a specific product can be found in that product’s permit guidance.

Traceability/Premises Identification Numbers

Specific item/product is moving from a premises that has a national premises identification number.

For permitted movement through EMRS, an accurate national premises identification number (i.e., 7 character alphanumeric code as described in 9 CFR § 71.1, not the state identification) or other acceptable identification system for movement is required.