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1. Creating realistic outbreak simulations

We collaborate with state and industry Secure Poultry Supply Plan stakeholders to develop realistic outbreak simulations that prepare members from the poultry industry and representatives from state agencies to make managed commodity movements in a simulated setting. An ongoing challenge is to ensure that all poultry commodities can participate in meaningful simulations within a limited time period. We undertake this challenge by using a scenario-within-a-scenario strategy where we partner industry members and regulators in team-based simulations to address the needs and questions of a commodity while addressing common, statewide and regional questions in the overarching scenario.

2. Engaging state and federal regulators with industry members in exercising managed movement procedures

Industry and regulatory partners need have opportunities outside of outbreaks to communicate about what happens in a disease emergency. Our team helps guide those connections so that regulatory officials and industry partners can work together to understand each other’s unique perspective on response activities including managed movements in an outbreak.  With the help of moderators acting as trainers, participants move from discussion to practice. 

3. Helping uninfected farms in an outbreak to navigate business continuity

Even in the largest disease outbreaks, most farms remain uninfected.  While most tabletop exercises address the outbreak, in order to practice disease control procedures.  Our innovative approach addresses what happen to the uninfected farms in an outbreak providing insights on managing risk and preventing exposures.

4. Developing new tools and strategies using Secure Poultry Supply Plan strategies to manage outbreaks

Our outreach with multiple stakeholders in simulated outbreak settings gives us a unique vantage point to address common challenges related to the managed movements of products.  We use feedback provided by these stakeholders to advise our scientific approaches for the development of new tools and strategies in the Secure Poultry Supply Plan. 

5. Engaging partners through an outreach team with broad experience and expertise to address the complex issues of an outbreak

Our staff is uniquely qualified, with outbreak experience and subject matter expertise across a variety of capacities to address continuity of business preparedness.  In collaboration with a target audience, like poultry industry stakeholders or state animal health officials for example, we can work to develop outreach solutions to identify preparedness gaps and needs.