Outreach Team

Professor and Pomeroy Endowed Chair in Avian Health
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Avian influenza subject matter expert
  • Translates Continuity of Business principles for the poultry industry, regulators, and diagnosticians
  • Develops unique avian influenza outbreak scenarios of tabletop exercises for states, regions, and companies to practice outbreak responses and permitted movement
Associate Professor
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Subject matter expert on food animal disease and diagnostics, especially influenza A viruses
  • Translates risk assessments and modeling efforts into information directly applicable and relevant to industry stakeholders and government agencies
  • Assists industry stakeholders and government agencies with understanding and adopting COB principles
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Livestock production system veterinarian and subject matter expert
  • Facilitates engagement on Continuity of Business principles with industry stakeholders and regulators
  • Engages production system and regulatory stakeholders in the development of feasible mitigation options and adoption of Continuity of Business concepts
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Forty years of experience with prevention and management of avian influenza outbreaks



Dr. HartmannDr. Bill Hartmann
Consultant; Former State Veterinarian of MN
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • 28 years at MNBAH, including 15 years as executive director, and managed MNBAH during the 2015 HPAI outbreak
  • Communicates with industry and regulatory partners with expertise of HPAI outbreak management
  • Liaison between UMN SFS Team and state regulators
Mary HouriganMary Hourigan
Outreach Project Manager
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Recruits states and regional entities for participation in Permitted movement workshops.
  • Prepares state animal health and emergency preparedness officials to use permitting materials and concepts in advance of a workshop.
  • Identifies states and locations for Movement Permitting Exercises; plans and implements meeting logistics.


Amos SsematimbaDr. Amos Ssematimba
Risk Analyst; Math Modeler
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Informs COB discussions using mathematical modeling knowledge of various interventions for avian influenza management in poultry


Pat Stonger-LonsdalePat Stonger-Lonsdale
Consultant; Former Poultry Industry Leader
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Communicates with agency, academia, and poultry industry partners by drawing on knowledge of and experience with the poultry industry and avian influenza
  • Provides leadership and guidance during the tabletop exercise to maximize benefits to participants in the risk based scenarios


Dr. WalzDr. Emily Walz
Risk Analyst; Veterinarian
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Interprets risk assessment and modeling results for industry and regulatory audiences
  • Facilitates small group discussions on movement decisions and farm preparedness during outbreak scenario events
  • Networks with industry stakeholders to solicit relevant information and gather ideas for future outreach offerings


Eric LiskensEric Linskens
Outreach Project Manager
Key Outreach Contributions:
  • Facilitates and guides the development of scenario-based tabletop exercises for poultry and regulatory stakeholders
  • Guides users on the material and resources of tabletop exercises for participants to practice risk-based outbreak response