Harmonized permit criteria

Day Old Poultry Permit Guidance in the SES, SBS and STS Includes:

  1. Chicks are moving from a hatchery that has a national premises identification number and that receives eggs from breeder flock(s) in the Control Area designated as Monitored Premises,
  2. Truck & driver biosecurity is implemented,
  3. Product-specific biosecurity as described in individual plan
  4. Chicks/poults are placed under 21-day quarantine at destination premises (quarantine may be released after 21 days, at the discretion of the appropriate regulatory officials, with no further testing if there are no unexplained clinical signs and no unexplained mortality),
  5. At onset of outbreak, initial testing of all breeder flocks located in the Control Area with eggs in hatchery egg room (but not necessary if eggs in incubators/hatchers) should have 2 negative PCR tests per house before any chicks move.
  6. Once Control Area and breeder flock testing is established, thereafter only chicks/poults from breeder flocks designated HPAI Free or Monitored Premises may be moved from a hatchery within the Control Area.