Permitting process

Permitting is the mechanism by which managed movement occurs during a foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak, like highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI). When movements are stopped to prevent disease spread, permits allow specific movements that are essential if certain criteria are met.

Types of permits in an FAD outbreak:

There are two types of permits:

checkmarkSpecific permits

Specific permits are used for movements from Infected, Contact, and Suspect Premises which are under quarantine during an FAD outbreak.

chartContinuity of Business permits

Continuity of business (COB) permits can happen from At-Risk or Monitored Premises. Most COB permits are for Secure Poultry Supply Plan movements but some normal movements with a non-negligible level of risk may be done under operational permits.

Note: While specific permits are rarely for interstate movements, COB permits may be for either intrastate or interstate movements.